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White Post Farm,
Mansfield Road,
NG22 8HL

Tel: 01623 882977


Contact Us & Prices

Daytime Admission

Adults - £10.95

Children/Seniors - £10.50

Under 2's - FREE

Additional Needs (Entitled to 1:1 complimentary carers.)

Important bits

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Guests aren’t allowed to smoke anywhere on the farm – and the same goes for our animals! It’s a busy place with lots going on so children under 16 aren’t allowed to enter the farm without an adult.
Since they might scare the animals, dogs (other than service dogs) aren’t permitted.
Please wash your hands with soap and water after touching the animals; anti-bacterial hand gel is not enough to kill all germs, hand gel should only be used in addition to thorough hand washing.

For wheelchair users, the majority of the farm is accessible with tarmac paths (with the exception of the far field walk), wide entrances to all buildings and two fully equipped disabled toilets.

* Required