Meet the team!

  • Anna


    If you have ever phoned the Farm, there's a good chance you spoke to Anna. She is always friendly and a key member of the office team. Anna also work on our entrance gate, guides school parties and even narrates our interactive Nativity Play.

  • Anthony


    Anthony is our Marketing Manager and helps out Rebecca with Operations. He enjoys commentating on Sheep Races and often gets carried away with the excitement! Anthony presents our facebook live videos and looks forward to any excuse for fancy dress!

  • Bec


    Rebecca is our Operations Director so she is very busy! But when she's not telling George and Anthony to behave themselves, you will often see her out and about, looking after animals as well as the rest of the White Post Team. Her favourite animals here at the Farm are Bah and Humbug the Reindeer.


  • Cathy


    Cathy works in many different areas of the farm. She works on the yard, our entrance gate, in the office and even co-ordinates our health and safety! She is very busy but always has time to say hello to our visitors. Cathy is our latest Sheep Racing commentator in the spring and summer but her favourite time of year is Christmas!

  • Craig


    Craig is one of our reptile experts. His knowledge and infectious enthusiasm make him very poplular with children and grown ups alike. Craig also guides school groups, heads out on animal roadshows, works on the yard and enjoys Famer Days. You can't miss him as he currently boasts the longest beard on the farm.

  • Dan


    "Dan, Dan, he's our man, if he can't do it... one of the other maintenance team will". Dan's theme tune may not be up to much but he certainly is. He's our Maintenance Supervisor and a popular member of the team. He really looks forward to Halloween and Christmas when his artistic flair helps to creates some amazing festive mazes and displays!

  • Darren


    Darren is now our longest standing member of the White Post Team. He is one of our small animal carers and helps to look after rabbits, mice, guinea pigs hamsters and more. He's a massive football fan and fills us all in on the weekends scores every week. His favourite animals are the farm dogs!

  • Emma


    Emma is the first person you will meet when you arrive at the Farm. She supervises the Entrance Gate and the Gift Shop and loves it when its nice and busy. She always has a smile on her face and loves chatting to you all as you enter the farm. Emma loves to travel and we will miss her when she heads out on another international adventure this autumn.

  • Freya


    Freya has now been with us for a few years and does allsorts of cool things around the farm. You might see her in the Tea Rooms, in the Yard Team, guiding a school group or even in the Pet Shop. She is very busy but loves the variety of her job and we love having her around!

  • Gemma


    Gemma has been an integral part of the White Post Team for 20 years. She looks after all our small animals, the Pet Shop and the Pet Hotel. She loves having a natter so when you come to buy your pet treats, make sure you leave time for a chat! Gemma also shines when it comes to fancy dress time so she is looking forward to Princess and Pirate day and Superhero Day!

  • George


    Farmer George is well known with our customers. He compares our special character events, commentates on sheep racing and performs the farm show. But when he's not messing around he is also a student assessor and works with our resident team of students from West Notts College.

  • Liam


    You might see Liam feeding all our large animals, at Sheep Races or even as part of our catering team (where he often impresses with his rather snazzy dance moves). His favourite animal is Barbara, the sheep racing superstar! Liam is also studying while he works and a keen fitness enthusiast.

  • Mark


    'Maintenance Mark' is an all rounder here at the farm, being a key member of the maintenance team and the animal road show team! When he's not out and about on the farm, he'll either be getting stuck into a new project behind the scenes, or offsite taking our animals to schools and events! Staff often describe Mark as 'a good egg'.

  • Martin


    Martin is our resident herpetogolist and also Operations Manager. He looks after all our exciting exotic animals but the snakes are definitely his favourites, especially Willow, our 13 foot Burmese Python. He is always on hand for help and advice or even to help you choose the perfect exotic pet.

  • Michael


    Michael looks after our large animals with the Field Team. They have to be fit as a fiddle as they make their way around the paddocks feeding the cows, goats, sheep, pigs and llamas. It's hard work and you have to be strong, but Michael is very proud of his 'guns'. He also looks after the students from West Notts.

  • Nigel


    Nigel is one of our most experienced and most loved school guides. He takes groups around the farm teaching them all about ther animals and often gets requested year after year by local schools. You'll also see him in the Snack Shack on the Outdoor Play Area serving ice creams and drinks to worn out families!

  • Rachael


    Rachael is one of our very popular farm guides! You'll most likely spot her leading groups round the farm, getting out cuddly animals along the way. The children absolutely love her; so much so that she is often requested when schools return for another visit!

  • Sarah


    Sarah heads up the Yard Team and looks after the animals. As well as organising everyones jobs throughout the day, you might see her milking the goats, bottle feeding the babies or exercising the reindeer. Sarah also co-ordinates our popular incubation packages for local schools where pupils can see chicks hatch in their own classroom!

  • Simon


    Simon is one of the farm's directors, and also the head stockman! If you come across him while at the farm, you'll often find him either wrestling with sheep, feeding the cows or having a cuddle with his puppy, Ted. Simon also plays a huge role during lambing season, always being on hand to help out with any tricky births!

  • Saturday Yardies!

    Saturday Yardies!

    Our Yardies are what make our farm special. A fun, smiley hard working bunch that are always available to chat and help. You'll see our Yardies at baby animal holding, meet-a-reptile, the disco, baby goat bottle feeding, generally - all over the place! In this pic we have Josh, Lucy, Mia, Jade, Rebecca, Adam, Freya and Mick. A handsome bunch!

  • Sunday Yardies!

    Sunday Yardies!

    Here we have Josh (again!), Sam, Joe, Ollie, Mia. Rebecca S, Steph, Lucy and Emma. We have lots of Yardies and their jobs are extemely varied! They could be cleaning out and feeding the animals or even dressed up as ghosts and zombies at halloween. make sure you say hello to them on your next visit.