It 'Aint Calf Hot Mum!

It 'Aint Calf Hot Mum!

We have had the perfect start to the summer as Flora, our beautiful Mont Belliarde cow has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Flora used to be the star of our summer show but now she has taken a step back from stardom and retired to the paddocks where she can graze all day and hang out with the rest of the herd. She is very popular with the White Post Team due to her gentle and affectionate nature. She is a really good mum and is taking excellent care of her new arrival.

The calf is very beautiful and really strong and healthy, but we need a name for her. We would love for one of our customers to name her so send you suggestions to If we pick your name we will send you a family pass to say thanks! The name should start with 'C'.

Thanks everyone - hope to see you down on the Farm this summer!

Farmer Anthony