Pet Hotel

A perfect getaway for your pet- fluffy or feathered! Give your pets a holiday while you enjoy yours. Our small animal carers will ensure the health and welbeing of your pets throughout their stay, feeding them, watering them, and even taking them out for exercise and recreation. Simply call us to book on 01623 882 977 and ask for the Pet Shop. If you have any reptiles you'd like to stay with us, please see our Reptile Hotel page, or call us for info.

Prices Per Night:

£3.50 - Rodents in own cage
£4.00 - Rodents in our cage
£4.75 - per hutch for one Rabbit or Guinea Pig
£6.25 - per hutch for Rabbits/Guinea Pigs sharing a hutch
£7.00 - per Chicken coop

Drop off time: 2pm until 4.30pm
Collection time: 10am until 12.30pm

We do ask that any vaccination cards be brought to the farm when you drop off your pet at the Pet Shop.