Class Pets

For Schools and Nurseries. (Monday – Friday)

A class pet delivered at your convenience. This package gives your class the chance to look after a pair of our lovely animals for a whole week.

  • All belongings for your chosen pet such as accommodation, comfortable bedding and food.
  • A resource pack with everything you need to know.
  • An introductory presentation by a friendly Farm expert.
  • Delivery and collection of your class pets.


£100 for a Rabbit
£100 for two Guinea Pigs
£100 for a duo or trio of chicks or chickens
£100 for a selection of Mini Beasts (to include a tarantula)
£100 for a selection of Mini Beasts (not including a tarantula)
£100 for Giant African Land Snails
£100 for two Mice
(Extra milage charge of up to £50 may apply)