Our Animal Encounters are a great way to get up-close and personal to your favourite farm animal for an interactive 30 minute experience for your group of up to 6 people.

The cost of our animal encounters are just £30! The price is for each private group session, up to a maximum of 6 people (not per person).

You will need to purchase individual daytime admission tickets if you wish to stay on the farm after your encounter.

You can book your encounters in advance or if you’re already on the farm and would like to do an encounter, then just speak to one of our lovely staff members and they will check availability for you.



Meet our friendly alpacas, take them for a stroll around the farm and give them a tasty treat.


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Birds of Prey

An amazing opportunity to meet and handle some of our beautiful birds of prey. Learn about falconry from one of our farms’ knowledgeable falconers.

Cows (via our Trailer and Tractor Ride)

Jump on the trailer and be pulled up to the field by one of our farmers driving the tractor.  Get up close and personal with all our cows and feed them some yummy veg. (Weather permitting – alternative experience or reshedule can be offered on the day)

Goats and Sheep

Meet our different goat and sheep breeds for a cuddle, but prewarning – the may climb on your and you may even get nibbled!


Make enrichment to keep our cheeky meerkats entertained.  Feed our boys wiggly worms and creepy crawlies, they may even sit on your knee! (Weather permitting – alternative experience or reshedule can be offered on the day)


Take our ponies Holly and Charlie on a lovely walk around the farm with one of our farmers, have a go at grooming and pony foot care.


Come and meet our scaley farm friends.  Hold and stroke snakes, lizards and tortoises.  Prepare them food and maybe even give them a bath.

Small Animals (Fluffies)

Have a hold and a cuddle with some of our cuter animals on the farm including; Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Make enrichment or prepare the animals some yummy veggies.


Meet our mob of wallabies and have a go at hand feeding them.  Go out on to the farm to cut down browse to give to the wallabies as an extra treat. (Weather permitting – alternative experience or reshedule can be offered on the day)

Gift Voucher

Your Animal Encounter is valid for 1 year from purchase and can be used to book any available Animal Encounter experience. Your experience is valid for up to six people and will last 30 minutes. Please note this is a standalone experience and does not include daytime admission to the Farm.