About Us

Everything you need to know about White Post Farm

For over 30 years we’ve been entertaining millions of children and adults, giving them the chance to get up close to a wide variety of friendly animals!

There’s always so much to do here at the farm, rain or shine; from holding chicks, to stroking reptiles, to feeding some of our cheeky llamas – there’s something for everyone. As well as meeting the animals, you can zoom around on go-karts, explore our indoor and outdoor play areas, grab a bite to eat, catch a seasonal show, or even pick up a new pet – free range fun for the whole family! The farm is open all year round from 10am, and is perfect for family days out, school trips and birthday parties!

Meet the Team!

Amy has several roles on the farm! When she’s not in catering, or working on the farm, you will probably find her hanging out with the pygmy goats – her favourite animal! 

If you’ve ever called our farm office, the chances are you’ve spoken to Anna! Anna is always up for helping out, and mainly works in our office. She sometimes guides groups around the farm too – what a great mix of animals and admin! 

Farmer Ant is a very well-known face here at the farm! You’ll probably recognise him from our Facebook live videos, which he does as part of his role as the farm’s Marketing Manager. He is also a keen sheep racing commentator (#TeamBaaaarbara), and helps to run the farm as Operations! Don’t worry though, he is never too busy for a bit of ‘bants’ with the customers, and loves an excuse to be daft! 

Cathy works behinds the scenes in a few different departments. She assists Farmer Ant with marketing, helping create artwork and organise photoshoots for advertising. She also organises the farm’s events, so you’ll often see her walking around carrying random objects, from wizard costumes to hula hoops! 

Farmer Chris is a member of #TeamField! He works with all the large animals and loves getting stuck in. Chris helps to make sure the animals are well looked after; so much so that he recently went for a dip in our lake to rescue an injured bird! 

Craig is an all-rounder here at the farm, although you will most likely find him in the Reptile House or taking the animals out on Road Shows! If you ever need any help, or if you’re looking for an obscure fact, Farmer Craigle is your guy! He often gets requested by school groups, and has a stack of fan-mail in his tray…

“Dan, Dan, he’s our man, if he can’t do it… one of the other maintenance team will”. Dan is our maintenance supervisor, and the face behind all the bale art you see onsite! Dan is always happy to help, and looks forward to unleashing his artic flair at Halloween & Christmas.

Darren has been volunteering at the farm for over 25 years!! You can often find him cleaning out the animals, and having cuddles with the rabbits. He is also the farm’s karaoke king.

Elle is a very bubbly member of the team! She works in all different areas of the farm and absolutely loves reptiles. Elle is also a fab singer – White Post’s Got Talent anyone? 

Ellie is a hard working member of the yard team! She helps take care of the small animals – cleaning them out, feeding/watering them and, of course, getting them out for cuddles. She loves all the small animals, but her favourite animals at the farm are our Golden Guernsey goats! 

Freya is the yard team leader, and works alongside Sarah to make sure the yard is running properly and all the animals are happy! She works mainly with the small animals, but her favourite animals on the farm are our beautiful (and cheeky) reindeer, Humbug & Blizzard. 

Freya works in catering and on the yard. Her favourite animal at the farm is a bit controversial, but she loves our cheeky llamas! Busy as she is, Freya always finds time for a chat, and loves interacting with new people. 

Gemma has been an integral part of the White Post Team for 20 years! She looks after all our small animals, the Pet Shop and the Pet Hotel. Even though she is a very busy lady, she will always find time to have a chat and is happy to help! Gemma also shines when it comes to fancy dress time, watch this space..

Farmer George is another well-known personality here at the farm! When he’s not doing live videos (and being generally silly) with Farmer Ant, you can find him working with our students from West Notts College, or taking care of the animals in the Reptile House. George also loves a pun or a bad joke, so make sure you tell him your worst ones when you see him!

Illy has been a member of the yard team for several years now, and is still as enthusiastic as day 1! She is a huge animal lover and has a soft spot for guinea pigs of all shapes and sizes. Illy worked at Disneyland over the summer, and has definitely brought back the Disney spirit to the farm! 

Jodie is another all-rounder! She works at the entrance, in catering and even on the yard. Jodie is super friendly and helpful, and loves animals – her fave animals on the farm are the tortoises!

If you visit our Pet Shop you will probably meet Jordan! She also works on the yard, but her main role is in the Pet Shop with the lovely small animals. Jordan absolutely loves animals, and always makes sure they are all happy and healthy. She also has a lot of pets to look after, and basically has her own zoo at home! 

He is a member of the yard team, and is very knowledgeable – especially when it comes to reptiles! Josh is always super friendly, and loves reptiles, especially the snakes. He loves to help others, and is a bit of a legend!

Karen is pretty much our farm mum! When she’s not looking after everyone, she’s working hard on the yard, in catering and around the farm as a guide. No matter what she is doing, she will always make time to have a chat with you and your little one! 

Liam is a key member of #TeamField! He looks after all the large animals, making sure they’re all well fed, happy and healthy. Liam also assists with training our sheep for #SheepRacing, and his favourite sheep racer is Barbara!

Farmer Mark used to be a head teacher before joining our maintenance team. You’ll probably find him fixing things around site, helping to catch sheep, or even taking the animals offsite on a road show! Mark is often described by members of staff as ‘a good egg’, and when it comes to filming for our Monthly Harvest show, he always nails it in one take!

Molly may be one of the first faces you see when you visit the farm because she often works in our Gift Shop! She also guides school groups round the farm, and works in the Tea Rooms as part of the catering team. Molly is very friendly, and always happy to help (plus she makes a cracking hot chocolate)!

Rachael is one of our very popular farm guides! You’ll most likely spot her leading groups round the farm, getting out cuddly animals along the way. Rachael also heads up our education program, linking lots of farm activities to key points in the national curriculum.

Rebecca is the Queen B of the farm! You will see her buzzing busily around the site every day, spending as much time as she can with her beloved reindeer! 

Sarah is in charge of our yard team and small animal care! She is always keeping very busy making sure both staff and animals are kept happy and healthy. Her favourite part of the job is taking care of the bottle-fed golden guernsey goats! 

Sarah is a very busy member of the team, working in all different departments around the farm! While she certainly keeps busy guiding, catering and taking the animals into schools, you can also find her paying a visit to the pigs which are her favourite animal! 

Simon is one of the farm’s directors, and also the head stockman! If you come across him while at the farm, you’ll often find him either wrestling with sheep, feeding the cows or having a cuddle with his puppy, Ted. Simon also plays a huge role during lambing season, always being on hand to help out with any tricky births!

Tom is a key member of both the yard and the reptile teams. He loves caring for the animals, particularly the reptiles. Tom also never misses an opportunity to wear fancy dress and get stuck in with events!! 

If you’ve ever emailed, called or visited our Main Office, you’re more than likely to have met Vicky! Vicky is in charge of our Main Office and also works in the finance department. She is always more than happy to help both staff and customers, but will always take extra time to look after Cammy, the farm cat!  

Alice is a hard-working member of the yard team! When she’s not cleaning out pens, or taking care of the animals, you will most likely find her taking Farmer Days around the farm. Either way, she always has a smile on her face and is always happy to help!