Welcome to White Post Farm

Where for over 30 years we’ve been entertaining millions of children and adults, giving them the chance to get up close to a wide variety of friendly animals!

FARM OPENING: We are open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm.

There’s plenty to do come rain or shine.

We’ve got plenty of friendly animals to meet indoors and outdoors.

Then explore our indoor and outdoor play areas from the Jungle Barn to Miniville to Merv’s Hideout to the Skyjumpers to the beach and the GoKarts.

The Tea Rooms, Lunch Barn and Jungle Cafe are open for all your food and drink needs. Come along for a nice refreshment and a bite to eat!

Book your tickets in advance     |   Check out our FAQ’s and rules of the farm   |   Enjoy a fun filled family day out!


Our animals are waiting for you to come and say hello,
where will you start your adventure?!

and The Birds of Prey

Visit our amazing Birds of Prey with Go-Active Falconry. Meet Eddie the Eagle and Mr Woo the Great Grey Owl, put our Falconers knowledge to the test and maybe even catch a flying display.

and The Field Walk

Our fields are home to our friendly herd of Cows. Keep an eye out for our Alpacas as well as all our leaping lambs and goat kids. Wallaby walk through is not to be missed.

and The Top Yard

Merv and his Meerkat gang are kings of the Top Yard but don’t tell Fiddich our prickly porcupine! Our small rodents live here too, be sure to pop in and watch the Harvest mice at play.

and The Reptile House

From Sidney the Snake to our Dwarf Crocs, step inside our Reptiles of the World to meet some scaly and slimy friends from around the world. Don’t forget to visit Willow our 14ft Albino Burmese Python!

and The Silver Barn

The heartbeat of the farm is home to almost any animal we have living with us, it’s the place we welcome the babies and shelter our animal OAP’s, it’s also home to our Armadillos and Giant Continental Rabbits.

Pre-book online for discount on admission (Excludes special events)


Inside or outside? The choice is yours!

There’s lots fun to be had inside and out! Make sure you save some time for play!



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