Deep in the Enchanted Forest a secret world awaits and everyone is invited to join us as we turn a magical page and step inside “Once Upon A FairyTale Christmas”. 

‘Once upon a fairy-tale Christmas’, An enchanted forest awakes.

The path ahead may twist and turn, so follow the map, make no mistakes!

Maybe you’ll climb a beanstalk, or see a house of gingerbread!

You might even meet a helpful squirrel, who will show you the way ahead.

At the end of the path, or so they say, there’s a jolly man in red.

He’s travelled from the cold North Pole, to be here with you instead.

Remember to tell him of your travels, and speak of the creatures you’ve met,

The journey you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned,

A Christmas you’ll never forget!’

Things Santa wants you to know:

Our very magical Christmas 22 event is suitable for all ages, based in the Enchanted Forest there will be characters suitable for all ages small and tall.

Santas helpers will be doing everything they can to make the event wheelchair and pushchair ready, however the paths in the Enchanted Forest can sometimes be a little uneven.

As you journey to the The Enchanted Forest, remember it is of course outdoors, so please wrap up in order to stay warm and dry.

The event is running across limited days, running Daytime (bright, light and spacious), Twinkle (starting at dusk with magical fairy lights leading the way) and Autism friendly session (reduced sound and group numbers to help our guests with sensory needs).

For those who complete their booking BEFORE December you will be issued a magical digital invite pack inviting you to the forest and explaining everything you need to know. (So, make sure you complete your booking before midnight on 30th Nov 22).

Please keep an eye on this page as further details of the Fairytale reveal themselves.