Incubator Package

Watch me hatch!




Perfect for schools to use as a project in the classroom, but also offered as a home activity.

Our incubation packages are a fantastic opportunity to learn hands-on about how chicks hatch and grow – it is also a great way to learn about life cycles! We supply 7 fertile eggs with an incubator for 2 weeks – starting Monday and ending the following Friday. We try and aim for the eggs to hatch on Wednesday in the first week so that you get the chance to see the whole process; eggs in the incubator, hatching and then spending a week taking care of them as chicks!

You will be supplied with a mini incubator,
a brooder, a special box to keep the chicks in once
they’ve hatched, food, shavings and a folder containing everything
you need from instructions to worksheets!
We also offer 24 hour advice so if you are concerned for
the chicks/eggs at any point, give us a call and
we will talk you through it.

Package One
You come and collect/return the incubator package to the farm.

Package Two
Everything is delivered and set up by a member of our team,
with a presentation given to the children upon arrival.
We then collect the incubation package after 2 weeks.

Package One

Package Two

Call us/send us an email to book, and ask for Anna!