Why do we have reduced opening times in January? 

After a busy December packed with Christmas celebration at the farm, January allows us to pause for a moment and get ready for what we hope will be a great year ahead. That’s why we choose to only open on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in January. 

Here’s a few little things that we’ll be doing around the farm. 


Animal paddock changes!

The Winter months slow down the growth of grassy areas and animals such as our sheep and cows love to munch on grass, during days where we’re closed our Field Team allow the animals into areas that would normally be occupied by visitors (field walkways etc) to graze on the green grass there too, giving them a lovely treat. 

A general spruce up! 

Although were sure that winter isn’t done with us yet, it gives us time to have a bit of a spruce up around the park, our Maintenance and Grounds teams will be tidying pathways, fixing fences and carrying on with the build of our new animal enclosures, so when spring arrives (and summer!) our farm looks at its best. We even sow new grass seed ready for it to germinate in the spring. 

Animal health club! 

Our Animal care teams will be in every day regardless of whether we’re open or not. The quieter days give us chance to run through our animals health checks (these happen every week of the year anyway, but January gives space for a in-depth 1 on 1 with all the animals). These teams also give the animals different types of enrichment at this times to keep them mentally stimulated.

We ship-shape our office! 

Our farm office is a very busy place, our closed January days are the perfect time to give us a call to book this years birthday party, Farmer day or farm roadshow. 

Planning for a great 2022! 

Our Operations, Marketing, Media and Events teams are deep into planning how the rest of the year at the farm shapes up, so it’s somewhere you’ll want to visit again and again this year. This is everything from planning a new half term event through to how we want to bring you more farm content and insights on social media as well as discussing new animals we may add to the family in 2022!! 

And of course, quieter days give our wonderful farm team the space to complete our daily jobs quicker allowing for a little bit more (well deserved) rest before they are all involved in delivering what we hope will be a very exciting 2022! 

We’re open from 10am every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in January. Why not visit us then!

Don’t forget, our education clubs are up and running for this new term, see the education page for further details.